Proceedings from 2010

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1. Business Process Management (BPM) - A Pathway for IT-Professionalism in Europe?
       Jan vom Brocke
2. MIPITS and IKAS - Two Steps Towards Truly Intelligent Tutoring System Based on Integration of Knowledge Management and Multiagent Techniques
       Janis Grundspenkis
3. Interactive Training Tools for Basic Introduction to VHDL Models
       Aneliya Ivanova
4. Education, ICT and School Dispersion
       Alessandro Astorino, Antonella Reitano, Francesco Rosa, Iliyan Stefanov
5. ALEF: Web 2.0 Principles in Learning and Collaboration
       Mária Bieliková, Marián Šimko, Michal Barla, Daniela Chudá, Pavel Michlík, Martin Labaj, Vladimír Mihál, Maroš Unčík
6. Learning Tool for Soundless Speaking
       Leon Rothkrantz
7. Scalable Vector Graphics as Online Visualization of Learning Progress for Computer Based Online Trainings
       Horst Liske
8. Mobile Learning Web Portal
       Tsvetozar Georgiev, Evgeniya Georgieva
9. Electronic Diary for Lifelong Learning Program
       Irina Noninska
10. Editor for a Light Shell for Expert System Working on a Mobile Information Terminal
       Georgi Krastev, Margarita Teodosieva
11. A Training Tool for Nonverbal Communication
       Leon Rothkrantz
12. A Learning Tool Visualizing the Algebraic Laws for Optimizing Query Execution
       Elitsa Arsova, Silyan Arsov
13. Web-based Information System for Management of Unitech Conference
       Raycho Ilarionov, Ivan Simeonov, Iliyan Gospodinov, Hristo Ibrishimov
14. The Role of Business Analysis Techniques in e-Learning Process Development
       Stojan Košti, Bojan Cestnik
15. Business Rules Approach to E-learning Systems Development
       Kestutis Normantas, Olegas Vasilecas
16. Use of Agile Methodology in Development of Educational Software for Users with Specific Disorders
       Rostislav Fojtik
17. Analysis of e-Learning Strategies Used to Deliver Knowledge in the Digital Age
       Ileana Adina Uţă, Floarea Nastase, Cristina Pop
18. Assessment of E-learning Systems
       Dilek Karahoca, Miray Şahin, Adem Karahoca, Ali Güngör
19. Virtual Research Laboratory - Conceptual Model and Preliminary Stochastic Investigation
       Radi Romansky
20. One Approach for Personalization of E-learning
       Donika Valcheva, Margarita Todorova, Oleg Asenov
21. Actuality of Interactive E-Portfolio Systems
       Aleksandrs Gorbunovs
22. Automation of Information Processes
       Krasimira Stoilova, Todor Stoilov, Zlatka Ivanova
23. Lecturer Usage of ICT Tools as Intelligent Educational Solution
       István Füvesi
24. The Essence and the Structure of the Online Questionnaires in the Education
       Mariyana Nikolova, Margarita Todorova
25. Usability Criteria for E-learning Virtual Labs
       Orlin Tomov
26. Natural Language Based Concept Map Building
       Marks Vilkelis, Janis Grundspenkis, Normunds Gruzitis
27. E-Learning - Advantages, Good Practice and Innovative Experience in the College of Telecommunications and Post – Sofia
       Anna Otsetova, Ivan Kurtev
28. Use Case for Creative Learning-by-Authoring
       Lubomil Draganov, Desislava Paneva-Marinova, Lilia Pavlova-Draganova, Radoslav Pavlov
29. Experiments on Applying Peer-Review Software for Programming Assignments
       Ville Hyyrynen, Harri Hämäläinen, Jouni Ikonen, Jari Porras
30. Geometry of Motion
       Pavel Boytchev, Evgenia Sendova, Eugenia Kovatcheva
31. Collaborative Creativity of Learners and Teachers - Learning by E-communication
       Eugenia Kovatcheva, Nikolina Nikolova, Eliza Stefanova
32. Integrating Code Camp Concept into CSE Curricula
       Kari Heikkinen, Jouni Ikonen, Jari Porras
33. Object-First Approaches Programming Teaching
       Rostislav Fojtik
34. Using e-Learning to Help Transition from School to University: Innovations in Student Support Practice
       Iliyan Stefanov, Antonella Reitano, Joan Muszynski, Alessandro Astorino
35. Implementation of an Object-Oriented Test Data Generator
       Krassimir Manev, Anton Zhelyazkov, Stanimir Boychev
36. E-learning Support for the Course of Robotics
       Taavi Duvin, Anne Villems

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