Proceedings from 2015

ISSN: 2367-6787 (online)
ISSN: 2367-6698 (print)
ISSN: 2367-6701 (cd-rom)

Front matter

1. Massive Open Online Courses - New Ways of Tele-Teaching / E-Learning
       Christoph Meinel
2. Adapting the Education System to the Digital Generation
       Angel Smrikarov, Tzvetomir Vassilev, Yavor Stefanov
3. Dimension of E-Learning Usage Based on Level of Studies: The Case of SEE University
       Lejla Abazi Bexheti, Betim Cico, Marika A. Trpkovska, Burim Ismaili
4. Are We Ready for Quality e-Learning: The case of the Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics of Sofia University "St. Kliment Ohridski"
       Pencho Mihnev, Krassen Stefanov, Eliza Stefanova, Temenuzhka Zafirova-Malcheva
5. Supporting Teachers in Choosing and Reusing Open Educational Resources
       Davor Orlič, Bojan Cestnik,Tanja Urbančič
6. Measuring Cognitive Load of E-learning Students for Improving Efficiency of Learning
       Abdullah Uyulur, Dilek Karahoca, Adem Karahoca, Ali Güngör
7. Supporting Learning Activities in the Health Sector through Open Data
       Marco Alfano, Giovanni Fulantelli, Calogero Mondi, Giuseppe Rinella, Davide Taibi
8. Modelling Roles and Qualities of Effective Teachers for the Design of Information and Communication Technologies Supported Teaching Tools
       İlker Yengin, Dilek Karahoca, Adem Karahoca, Ali Güngör
9. Improving Study Skills by Implementing Peer to Peer Lecture Films
       Anja Pfennig and Paul Hadwiger
10. Motivation Support in E-Learning by User Model and Job Offer Comparison Evaluation
       Ján Lang, Maroš Bednár
11. Training for Designing e-Learning Courses in a Foreign Languages
       Anelly Kremenska
12. The Key Problems in Team Software Projects
       Jouni Ikonen, Antti Knutas, YongYi Wu, Isaac Agudo
13. Android Automata Simulator
       Daniela Chuda, Jakub Trizna, Peter Kratky
14. Community Tests for Supporting Online Learning of Programming
       Jozef Tvarozek, Peter Jurkovic
15. Topic Modelling for Education in Computing
       Arbana Kadriu, Lejla Abazi
16. Improving a Blended Learning Model for the "Multimedia Systems" e course
       Natasa Hoic-Bozic, Martina Holenko Dlab, Jasminka Mezak
17. Inverting the Classroom Teaching Material Science Based on a Blended Learning Concept - a Challenge for First Year Students and Lecturer
       Anja Pfennig
18. Synthesis of Effective Strategies for and Trends in Flexible Learning
       Lilia Georgieva, Mohammed Alzahrani, Valentina Dagiene, Vladimiras Dolgopolovas, Heriot-Watt University
19. The use of Video in a Mixed Classroom Approach
       Kurt Nørmark
20. A Material Science Course Based on a Blended Learning Concept Using an Interdisciplinary Approach at HTW Berlin
       Anja Pfennig, Astrid Böge
21. Analysis of Combined Learning in Discipline "Introduction to Communications and Computer Technologies"
       Lachezar Yordanov
22. Evaluation of Enterprise Skills from the Perspective of University Education
       Wladimir Bodrow
23. Evaluation Concept for Storytelling in e-Learning
       Julian Benner, Wladimir Bodrow
24. An Approach for the Evaluation of Curricula and Their Implementation
       Hilda Tellioğlu
25. Automated e-Learning Quality Evaluation
       Rositsa Doneva, Silvia Gaftandzhieva
26. Assessment of Academic Databases and Applications Training
       Kursat Volkan OZCAN, Ilknur BUTUN, Mustafa BUBER
27. Intelligent Methods in the Field of e-Learning. Evaluaton of Student Written Works
       Margarita Vasileva, Boryana Uzunova-Dimitrova
28. Methodology for Development of Mobile Learning System Multilingual User Interface
       Tsvetozar Georgiev, Stoyanka Smrikarova, Tsvetan Hristov,Evgeniya Georgieva
29. From e-Learning to m-Learning: a MOOC Case Study
       Leon Rothkrantz
30. Handheld Devices for Educational Purposes
       Kiril Alexiev, Dimo Dimov
31. Social Networking in the Information Technology Training
       Rositsa Doneva, Silvia Gaftandzhieva
32. Pre-University Calculus MOOC with inquiry based learning as didactic model
       Leon Rothkrantz
33. A Research on Massive Open Online Course Design and Delivery
       Valentina Dagiene, Danguole Rutkauskiene, Daina Gudoniene
34. Virtual USATIC: Collaborating and Sharing Experiences on Ubiquitous and Social Learning Training
       José Luis Alejandre Marco, Ana Isabel Allueva Pinilla, María Teresa Lozano Albalate, Raquel Trillo-Lado
35. An Architecture for Sentiment Analysis in Twitter
       Michele Di Capua, Emanuel Di Nardo, Alfredo Petrosino
36. Us and Them - The Story of Joint Venture in eLearning of Teachers and Students
       Zoran Putnik, Mirjana Ivanović, Zoran Budimac, Klaus Bothe
37. Social Networking in Higher Education - Good Practices and a Case Study from Bulgarian Universities
       Aneliya Ivanova, Vanya Stoykova, Galina Ivanova
38. Facebook or Learning Management System
       Irena Valova
39. A Virtual Infrastructure for Collaborative Learning
       Donika Valcheva, Margarita Todorova, Oleg Asenov
40. U-MedSearch: A Meta Search Engine of Medical Content for Different Users and Learning Needs
       Marco Alfano, Biagio Lenzitti, Giosuè Lo Bosco
41. A WEB based Platform for Learning Games composing - Basic Concept and Architectural Aspects
       Valentin Atanasov, Aneliya Ivanova
42. Interactive Environments for Training in the Higher Education
       Vania Stoykova
43. User Awareness of Existing Privacy and Security Risks when Storing Data in the Cloud
       Adriana Mijuskovic, Mexhid Ferati
44. An Investigation of Secure Access and Privacy Protection in e-Learning Environment
       Radi Romansky, Irina Noninska
45. A Study on Ethical Aspects and Legal Issues in e-Learning
       Stefanie Östlund, Andriy Panchenko, Thomas Engel
46. Introverts and Extroverts in eLearning systems: When Personality Matters
       Peter Kratky, Jozef Tvarozek, Daniela Chuda

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