Submission Requirements

Dear Authors, please download and use this template when writing your paper.

  • Language - English.
  • Font - Arial.
  • Page Setup - Top: 2 cm, Bottom: 2 cm, Inside: 2 cm, Outside: 2 cm.
  • Paper Size - A4.
  • Line spacing - Format, Paragraph, Line spacing: Single.
  • Paragraph first line - Format, Paragraph, Special: First Line, By: 1 cm.
  • Header - as in the sample paper on the Web site.
  • One blank line on the first page below Header - Font Size 14
  • Title - Font Size 14, Centered, Bold.
  • One blank line.
  • Author's first name and last name - Font Size 12, centered.
  • One blank line
  • Abstract - Font Size 10, Italic, 5-6 lines.
  • Keywords - Font Size 10, Italic, 1-2 lines.
  • One blank line
  • Paper layout - Font Size 12.
  • After the References - Names of authors, degrees, place of work, phone and e-mail.
  • The figures must be in a widespread PC format, integrated in the text, with numbers and captions centered beneath them.
  • The tables must have numbers and captions above them, aligned right.
  • The equations must be numbered - with numbers in brackets aligned to the right.
  • The referencing in the paper to literature sources must be indicated by figures in square brackets.
  • The references must be in alphabetical order of the surnames of the first author and must follow the bibliographic IEEE standards of journals.
  • Pages must not be numbered.
  • Footer - as in the example paper on the Web site.
  • Number of pages - up to 6, incl. the abstract.
  • Format - MS Word (.doc or .docx) only.

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